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High quality air purifier in Dubai, Dubai, UAE

High quality air purifier in Dubai

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Therapy Air Purifying Systems offer significant relief from indoor air pollution, and enables you to breathe clean air again.
Your home and your office will be healthier places to live and breathe.
Dust, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke and other pollutants will be eliminated. People will notice the difference when they walk into a room with Therapy Air Purifying Systems! Coworkers, customers and family members - especially those who suffer from allergies - will finally have relief and be able to breathe easily.
Zepter’s Therapy Air Purifying Systems reduce pollutants from dust, air fresheners, tobacco smoke, pollen, fireplaces, pesticides, aerosol sprays, plant spores, humidifiers, woodstoves, pet dander and mold.
Every breath you take… can be either a dangerous or a healthy experience!
We should be worried about the air we breathe. No, we should be afraid of the air we breathe!
In today’s world, it’s not just the air we breathe outside on the city streets, but the air inside our homes and offices - places where we should feel safe and secure - that has become a life-threatening problem. When one looks at the facts, including the latest research done by scientists and experts, it becomes painfully clear that neither the streets nor our homes are safe places for us to live and work! What can we do? We can’t simply jump to another planet. We live here on Earth, and unfortunately the Earth is becoming less and less hospitable to life. We need to do something - for the Earth, and for our families.
Can a building be sick?
Sick Buildings are making us sick – as many as 20% of us each day!
Because of pollution, every ten years the number of asthma sufferers increases by 50%
Asthma accounts for 14.5 million lost work days and 14 million lost school days annually!
Office furnishings emit high levels of toxic fumes!
As technology increases and we build newer and fancier buildings - but with cheaper materials - a new form of illness has been documented.
It is called "Sick Building Syndrome".
High amounts of toxic substances are emitted by flooring, carpets, plastic necessary for their production, furniture, adhesives, paint, varnishes, modern construction materials, synthetic fabrics and many other sources. It is estimated that as many as 60% of the buildings in the United States are affected by Sick Building Syndrome, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s own building!
As many as 20% of workers say their performance is hampered by the symptoms of this syndrome. One–fifth of the workforce cannot function at their full potential due to the low quality of indoor air!
Sick Building Syndrome causes persistent coughs, irritation, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, allergic skin reactions weakness, asthma irritation, respiratory infections… it’s not the buildings that are getting sick – it is the PEOPLE who are getting sick!


Therapy Air Purifying Systems are the solution

Therapy Air, Air Purifying Systems protect your health and improve your well-being. Therapy Air Systems defeat indoor air pollution and destroy all those viruses, bacteria and moulds which float around in any environment.


Let Therapy Air Purifying Systems filter your air so your body doesn’t have to!
Kill bacteria, molds and viruses in indoor air.
Neutralize disturbing odors.
Improve well-being with the natural Swisso Logical Aromatherapy.
Offer relief for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

High quality air purifier in Dubai
High quality air purifier in Dubai
High quality air purifier in Dubai
High quality air purifier in Dubai
High quality air purifier in Dubai
High quality air purifier in Dubai
Price: AED-1.00
Country: UAE
Region: Dubai
Ad Type: Offering
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